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Villa Sammasan - Delicious foods

Villa Sammasan’s menu is a celebration of Thai cuisine with a good variety of dishes from the simple to the exotic, including some local favourites.  A selection of western dishes may be prepared as well.  From adventurous diners to those who like the comfort of familiarity, all meals can be discussed and planned in advance with the chef and adapted to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Guests are encouraged to meet with the villa manager and chef soon after their arrival to plan meals and discuss their needs.  A day’s notice is ideal to give the chef sufficient time to buy groceries and prepare meals.  Guests who wish to self-cater have the full western kitchen at their disposal, and are welcome to ask staff for help with the grocery shopping (charged at cost plus 20% service charge).

Prices for set menu meals are displayed in the villa menu while for individual dishes provisions will be purchased by the chef and charged to guests.  Receipts will be provided either daily or at the end of your stay – as preferred.  It is also requested that the chef be given a cash ‘float’ to cover grocery costs.

Villa Sammasan - Family friendly
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